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Koryo Do is a school of martial arts, based in St. Augustine, Fl.

Martial arts, is, of course, the art of fighting.  And as a student at Koryo Do – you WILL learn how to fight.

We do controlled sparring, practice self defense skills, immobilization techniques, grappling, and defenses against multiple opponents… with knives, bats and various other weapons.

But while learning and practicing the martial arts, a funny thing happens.  In China they would call it Yin/Yang, or the law of opposites.

In learning to fight… a student also learns how NOT to fight.

Koryo Do encourages this inner growth and focuses on strengthening both the body and the mind.

A dedicated student develops confidence, strength, endurance, self-discipline and self-respect, the hallmarks of a true martial artist.

Under the direction of its founder, Master Jose I. Delgado, Koryo Do places its highest priority on the quality of instruction, not the quantity of students.

Prospective students are encouraged to meet with Master Delgado and participate in selected classes before joining the school.  This trial period allows both the student and the school a chance to evaluate each other for compatibility.

Please call (904) 794-7830, or stop by Koryo Do between 5pm – 7pm, Monday through Thursday, for more information.

Koryo Do’s Style

Our school’s roots, and its primary instruction, are based in the Korean martial art widely known as Tae Kwon Do.

Modern Tae Kwon Do is known as a ‘hard’ style, and its famous for its devastating kicks.

At Koryo Do, we have developed a somewhat softer style that harkens back to the older Korean martial arts styles of Subak and Taekkyon, which were influenced by the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu.

While kicks are still heavily emphasized, we also train in deflection, grappling, immobilization techniques and weapons. Children practice kidnap escape drills and learn anti-bullying techniques.

The more fluid style of Koryo Do allows for greater adaptability for age (young or old) and physical limitations.  It is better for the long term health of joints, tendons and ligaments.

We believe that a good martial arts style should keep your mind and body young – regardless of your actual age, and not cause a premature break down due to wear and tear!

Come take a free trial class to see if Koryo Do is the right fit for you.

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