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Students at Koryo Do are expected to actively participate in all parts of the educational process.

As a student, you’ll work with other students of all sizes and ages.  Sometimes you’ll be partnered with more advanced students, other times you will be partnered with new students.  There are times when you will be the student, and times when you will teach.

An individual lesson plan is devised for each student, and each class is taught based the make up of the class and the needs of the individual students involved.

Skill and techniques learned in class will need to be practiced at home, daily, for a student to become competent and confident in their ability.


Koryo Do offers classes Monday through Thursday, at 5 and 6pm, year around.  Individual students are scheduled for two one hour classes each week.

It’s advised that students arrive ten to fifteen minutes ahead of time, and begin stretching and warming up.


Generally speaking, we spend about 20 minutes on stretching and exercise, 20 minutes on kicks and techniques, and 20 minutes on self defense.


Gym clothes or loose clothing is recommended for the first two months. Uniforms are required after passing the level II (Dan Gun) and can be purchased at a discounted cost through Koryo Do.


Parents and guests are welcome to observe classes, and may even be asked to participate in certain activities! We respectfully request that parents not interrupt class or speak to students during class unless absolutely necessary.


Tests for advancing to the next level are scheduled approximately every 10 weeks.  Testing is encouraged but not mandatory.

Martial Arts Classes for Children

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Self Defense Classes


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