KD Heroes

Every month, we highlight one or more of our students for their achievements and display of one of the five tenets of tae kwon do. Check back monthly to see who our amazing KD Heroes are! Continue on to see our current training schedule and monthly class calendar.

Training Schedule

Students at Koryo Do are expected to actively participate in all parts of the educational process. As a student, you’ll work with other students of all sizes and ages. Sometimes you’ll be partnered with more advanced students, other times you will be partnered with new students. There are times when you will be the student and times when you will teach. An individual lesson plan is devised for each student and each class is taught based on the make-up of the class and the needs of the individual students involved. Skill and techniques learned in class will need to practiced at home, daily, for a student to become competent and confident in their ability

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