Martial Arts and self-defense classes

adult 1Looking for a Martial Arts studio? What about if we could tell you that there are places where you can get what you didn’t think existed?

Younger Kids. At the very least, our curriculum for younger kids covers activities designed to teach these students how to focus, behaving in groups and paying attention to class. In addition to those we also teach the basics of danger awareness, gymnastics and conditioning.

Teenagers and young adults. Our teenagers and young adult program starts with the same basics of conditioning, coordination and self-defense but then get into deeper programs that helps dealing with bullying, stress management and goal attainments.

Adults. We have several adult programs that cover everything from cardiovascular health, flexibility, conditioning, self-defense, stress relief, self-confidence, bullying in the workplace and much more. Our emphasis has always been in practical applications and quality of life and having students enroll with no experience and late in life is nothing uncommon for us.

In our particular case, our instructor pool boasts several hall of fame instructors as well as multiple Martial Artist Masters and one Grandmaster.  In other words, few schools if any can compete with the professionalism, experience and knowledge level we provide.

You and your dear ones deserve the best so come and try us. You will see the difference!