Valkyrie Training – Summer Edition!

Welcome to Valkyrie Training – Summer Editon!

This beginner-friendly, 3-month program runs from June 1st-August 31st and gives you the jumpstart on your Valkyrie Training! Enjoy this high intensity, low impact workout program made for women that mixes with basic self-defense and short sword training! But you’ve got to act FAST because there are ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

Classes will be held Tuesday & Thursday morning from 7-8 AM and Saturdays 8-9 AM

There is a $100* equipment fee that would include: 3-5-8 lb weight set, looped resistance bands, yoga block, 9″ unweighted pilates ball, and Valkyrie Training Sword. This price can be waived/adjusted based on what you need for the class! after program completion, this equipment goes home with you! We’ll reach out to you to finalize these details upon your registration completion.

Pay in Full and get the 1st TWO WEEKS of the program for FREE (a $30 value) or pay as you go at $60/mo. Refunds will only be given for 50% off the remaining monthly tuition balance of after the 1st month or in full with at least two weeks prior to the start of the program June 1st. This is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate in the program!

For the class, you’ll want to bring a water bottle and tennis shoes. You can wear whatever makes you most comfortable!

Class Plan:

– [Month 1] focuses on your foundation, building your core strength, working on functional movement/mobility, rotation, and balance!

– [Month 2] dives into the fun of basic martial arts and the fundamental skills towards becoming a Valkyrie mixed with your continued core stability training and total body strengthening.

– [Month 3] brings it all together as you unleash your inner baddie!

So, tell us! Are you READY to train like a Valkyrie?!

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