Kids Kickin Summer Camps 2024


Are you looking for a summer camp that’s more than just arts and crafts? Something packed with movement, learning, creativity, and most importantly, fun?! What about a camp that can offer your child life-long skills that they can take with them long after the camp is done? At Koryo Do Martial Arts Studio, we’re prepared to offer your kiddo just that! Our Kids Kickin Summer Camps offer a unique twist on your typical summer camp experience as we mix Tae Kwon Do with the family-friendly atmosphere that you’ll love. The goal is to give your child the necessary tools to stand up against bullies, become more confident, and take charge of their life all while they just have fun and play games with their new camp friends!

These camps are open to the public for kids ages 5-12, but we don’t hold 20+ campers. We focus on smaller groups to give our kickin’ campers more individualized experiences and growth. We offer full and half day rates, special discounts, and more!

So, if you’re looking for a summer camp your kiddo will love, stop in a learn more at

Let’s make this one kickin awesome summer at our Kids Kickin Summer Camps!! @KoryoDoTKD

Kids Kickin Summer Camp Koryo Do Martial Arts Studio