Planning for the future

Special (Online)Summer is here and most families simply are just looking a this time as a time to relax from the school routine.  I get it as we also look at this time as an opportunity to spend time with our kids and perhaps, sleep a few more minutes before rushing to who knows how many summer camps.   Yet this could also be an opportunity to prepare for the future.

The way I see it is we need to plan so that our loved ones are prepared to the challenges the future may entail.  So rather than worrying about bullying lets give them the chance to learn about self-esteem.  Also, rather than dealing with attention issues; why don’t we teach them how to learn and process information.  What about giving them the ability to avoid violence by learning self-defense and while doing that getting in shape? There is a lot more that our loved ones can learn from martial arts but from personal experience one of the things I have seen at my school is loved ones taking classes together and by this experience creating a bond that normally lasts a lifetime.

So, planning for the future and enjoying this summer may be easier to do by simply picking the right activities to share together. Remember; it is never too late to act.