St. Valentine’s Present

Valentine 3It’s just a matter of love.    It’s not only showing your love to them with a present or gesture but finding the right one. But is that what love is all about?

For me love is about them.  Doing the best I can for them, spending time with them, worrying about them and above all making sure they are safe (them been those I love). Yet I have seen too much to understand that I cannot be there with them to protect them all the time.  Also that life is about living and that I have to let them make live their own lives.

Luckily enough I realize what love meant to me during my time in the military and corrected the situation once I got out.  At that time I opened a Tae Kwon Do school and had my kids come out to train and teach on a daily basis.  This one simple decision allowed me to teach them how to defend themselves, be in a safe environment, getting to know them, make the right decisions and give to the community.

It has been over twenty years since that time and we are still training and teaching.  If you were to ask me the reason for this I’ll simply respond with one word, Love.   Love to our community and every student that crosses our path, love to teaching and the martial arts but above all, love for the opportunity to help others grow and make their lives a little better, a little safer.

So if you love someone like we do, bring them over for a class or even better have them come with you and become part of a life experience that will stay with both of you for the rest of your life.  If you don’t want to make a long term commitment take a self-defense class but if you want the whole experience join us and be part of our martial arts family.