What is important?

At times we seem to lose our ways and worry about that which we don’t have, yet we forget to appreciate what is important in our lives.

What is important for me is my family so I treasure every minute I’m around them. We could be sitting down doing nothing or simply eating breakfast. Yet this is important and I treasure every second.

Helping others, staying healthy and learning is also important to me, hence, I teach martial arts. The best part of this is that my students teach me, challenge me to grow and help me stay in shape.

Yet, I’m a simple person that enjoy watching the stars, listening to music and simply sitting down to read a book. In other words, I recognize that what is important to me is not the same of what may be important to others yet there is a beauty in simplicity. Learning to enjoy what we have and taking the opportunity to grow, learn and appreciate our life for what it is.

So, as you give me your time to read these words I simply ask you a question; what is important to you?