Back to School Self-Defense

Back to school self defense
self defense classes at koryodo, school of tae kwon do

Bullying, harassment, threats, intimidation and assault are thing that we face quite frequently.  We do not think about it but any time we are introduced into a new environment we increase the potential of become a victim to one of these threats.  It is actually normal if you consider that the threat itself comes from social behavior and the interaction among different individuals.  However, as a parent I always worried if my kids will be prepared to handle this challenge and whether they will be safe in this new environment.

While I wish I was there to protect them the reality of life is that the best thing I can do for them is to prepare them so they learn how to stay safe.  One self-defense class is not enough to protect them for life but it is a start.  So with that in mind an in the spirit of back to school we will be offering a self defense class this coming Saturday, Aug 22nd at 11:30 AM.  Classes will be $10 per student and spaces are limited so if interested simply e-mail or come by the school to reserve your place.