kd4Yesterday was a good day, as I had the opportunity to share some experiences and information to a group of eager learners.

While I truly enjoy teaching and seeing my students grow from my experiences and training; the most dramatic changes I perceive are from those taking our self-defense classes.

The cycle is always the same, although in some groups the changes may be more pronounced than others.

For example self-defense class students generally walk in with a combination of trepidation, confusion, timidity and skepticism that comes with participating in an unfamiliar setting.

As the class progresses, the attendees begin to relax, start learning and become focused on their techniques. By the time an hour has gone by they are enjoying themselves and develop a thirst for knowledge, and my assistants end up with a few new bruises.

The self-defense class comes to a close more due to time limitations, rather than any mental or physical exhaustion; though there is generally some muscle fatigue due to the use of muscles in a different manner than they are accustomed.

However as they walk out of our school I can see the sense of empowerment they attain as it relates to their lives and the future.

I know that one or two days after the adrenaline rush gets out of their system and their body reminds them of the activities they have become involved in they may regret exerting themselves so much; but God protect anyone crossing their path as they walk out of the school as these “students” are now in control and not afraid to express themselves.