Getting in Shape for Summer


kd18The cycle is always the same; “I will get in shape for the summer”. I hear that almost as frequently as people saying that they wanted to be a black belt.

Yet life happens and by the time we realize another year has gone by without meeting our goals and life dreams.

In my other life as a healthcare professional I frequently hear Seniors starting their phrases with: “I wish I would have …… It is not money they resent but their inability to enjoy life to its fullest.

I’m as guilty if not more than the rest because sometimes I focused too much in work and forget about living and enjoying the moment.

However I do have moments of sanity where I wake up and realize that today will not be back and enjoy the moment for what it is.

The lesson of this article is that if you are one of those that want to get in shape for the summer don’t delay and start today.

Take a chance on yourself and join us at the Koryo Do School, your future is waiting.