Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day 2Yesterday I had a great time with my younger son as we had lunch and discussed life and work experiences.  While we cover many topics the one that I remembered this money was his reference to Groundhog Day.  He went as far as referring a movie, that although I have seen it many times he has never seen, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (1993). In this particular movie the main character relives the same day multiple times until he learns something and changes his life.

My son tale was a little more colorful as he explained that some people don’t learn from experiences.  For example, as he described, if every morning you get to work and the first thing you get is a shotgun in the face; how go thru the same motion day after day, year after year?  You will figure that after a couple of times people will learn to duck or simply use another door.  We both laughed at this as the visualization was quite graphic but so real.

My subconscious kept this thought in my mind and I realized that we all want to change something in our life, lose weight, learn new skills, avoid an abusive relationship, get a better quality of life, etc.  Yet there is no magic pill for this and while painful at times the first thing it requires is an action plan so here is my recommendation for you to break the Groundhog Day cycle:

  1. Set up a goal;
  2. Be realistic with your goal;
  3. Break your goal into short term targets that you can track;
  4. Implement;
  5. Have patience and stay focus.

So think about your life, recognize your Groundhog day moments, take a moment to laugh at yourself and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!