Learning Disabilities

kdldI have personally been teaching different subjects for over 35 years.

During all this time I knew that each one of my students were different individuals so I used different techniques and lesson plans to make sure they understood the desired information.

Yet, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized the wisdom of my approach.

Let’s start with the fact that there is no such a thing as normal. We are all different and that is what makes each one of us a blessing.

Let’s also realize that our bodies are different and that while we all have the basic pattern we don’t even develop at the same rate.

Our brains are an example of this concept. If we were to track brain development of two identical individuals we should be able to see that exposure to information and experiences in life affect the development of the brain.

My point is that any one that falls outside of the parameters we consider normal is branded.

In the case of learning disabilities these individuals may be considered “slow” if they cannot learn to the par of others.

The opposite is also truth as some individuals that capture information faster in our present system are considered “gifted”. However neither “brand” is particularly correct as I have known individuals that were branded with learning disabilities yet they are very smart and have been very successful in their lives.

The other issue of importance is that if you tell an individual enough times during their lives that they are mediocre and that they won’t be able to achieve, eventually they will believe you and stop reaching. Or even worst yet, used this as an excuse and settle for the minimum things in life.

Life is a gift. We are all different. So the key of it is to learn how to use your talents and develop them to your maximum potential. So next time you have problems understanding any subject matter simply have patience and try to see things in a different manner.