Nutrition Facts

With the ever-increasing invasion of processed food, junk food, and fast food into our diets – combined with more sedentary lifestyles, children are now at risk of developing serious diseases at a much younger age than ever before.

Consider these facts:

  • They aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables – o 93% of children and adolescents do not consume the recommended amount of vegetables per day? Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
  • They have a weight problem – One in three American children and teenagers is overweight or obese. ? American Heart Association
  • Obesity rates have tripled among teens since the late ’70s – Journal of the American Medical Association
  • 80% of children who are overweight at ages 10-15 become obese as adults – New England Journal of Medicine
  • They’re already developing serious diseases – One in three children born in the U.S. in the year 2000 is predicted to develop type 2 diabetes. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • By age 12, an estimated 70% of children have the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries –  Bogalusa Heart Study
  • Today’s generation of children may be the first in two centuries to actually live shorter lives than their parents – New England Journal of Medicine.

Now that you know the facts; what are you going to do about it?