Mommy & Me Self Defense Class

Mommy & Me Self Defense Class

CALLING ALL MOMMAS! Have you ever wanted to do a fun martial arts class with your child the celebrated your love for one another, but felt that doing an ACTUAL martial arts class might be too much for your schedule? What if we told you that with our Mommy & Me Self Defense Class, you … Read more


Don’t Miss Out! Tonight is our Summer Special NINJA CLASS! We’ll be focusing on our student’s mobility, balance, and more as we introduce the way of the ninja! Come join the fun starting at 5 PM EST. **NEW STUDENTS can participate for FREE using our 2 Complimentary Class Special!

St. Valentine’s Present

It’s just a matter of love.    It’s not only showing your love to them with a present or gesture but finding the right one. But is that what love is all about? For me love is about them.  Doing the best I can for them, spending time with them, worrying about them and above all … Read more