We’re so excited to announce that our Valkyrie Training Club is now looking for 10 new recruits to join their Fall Training Sessions! Have you ever wanted to train alongside your favorite fantasy characters? Well, here’s your opportunity to explore what it’d be like to train like a Valkyrie Warrior inspired by the works out … Read more

Martial Arts and self-defense classes

Looking for a Martial Arts studio? What about if we could tell you that there are places where you can get what you didn’t think existed? Younger Kids. At the very least, our curriculum for younger kids covers activities designed to teach these students how to focus, behaving in groups and paying attention to class. … Read more

Best of the best

Once again we have been recognized as “Best of 2016” in the category of Tae Kwon Do schools.  All we can say is that we couldn’t have made it without the support of our students and family members.  THANK YOU!

Knife Defense

Knife Defense

May 2016 Activities

Exciting Month with many activities for the whole family.  Remember it is not too late to start!!!