Train with Hall of Fame Masters

Once again Master Jose I. Delgado, 7th Dan Tae Kwon Do Master , and Master Jose A. Delgado, 5th Dan Tae Kwon Do Master, have been selected to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.  Both Masters have been training and practicing for over twenty years (Master Jose A. 24 years and Master Delgado 39 years) and while they travel throughout the United States they have made St. Augustine Florida their home.

In an interview with Master Delgado he explains that the curriculum and teaching method offered is similar to the old times where school were closely related to a family group with uncles, parents and grandparents supervising the development of their family members.  At our studio is the student that matters for which it is important to understand that not everyone is the same and that true development requires time (patience) and guidance.  This philosophy of training is carried out in all activities conducted at the Koryo Do School.  From Summer Camps to the regular curriculum each student learns self-defense, kicking, blocking and a heavy doses of conditioning, and mental workouts covering areas such as history, physics, geometry and anatomy.

This Summer the Masters decided to add an element of arts and craft with some weapons training so students will learn how to build a sabre (sword) similar to those used for training for the Star Wars movies.  Time permitting the students will also build and learn a little about throwing stars and other tools used as weapons.  While the Masters do teach a weapons class most Saturdays those classes are not open to the public at large so this will be the first time that they will allow beginners and potential students the opportunity to learn from them.

Who knew that in St. Augustine Florida you could find World Recognized Masters, small groups, quality instruction and individualized training.