What is more important


I have been facing an interesting conundrum for the last couple of decades; should I promote students in a way that increases my bottomline or should I promote based on achievement?

Give it to me to put my students well being before my personal interests. While I know that not everyone is equal, my philosophy is that every one has the same chance of becoming a black belt in my school. Furthermore, every person that meets the requirements and learns the basic skills deserves a black belt. However, I will not compromise in terms of safety and growth.

What is the point of learning moves if you don’t know how to use them? Even more important, and I always say, if what you wear is more important than what you are then simply order whatever uniform and belt you want from my catalogue and don’t waste your time or mine.

My instructors and I want to teach. We want you, or a love one, learn how to handle bullies, defend yourself, be healthy and above all have fun with us. We will use as many tools as are available to help you, or a love one, grow and learn. The path may not be easy and while we walk the same with our students, at the end of the day it is up to you/them.

So my decision remains the same: I will not compromise our students for the all mighty dollar. We will train based on knowledge and skill level and we will promote as a result of achievement and not because we need to increase our bottomline.

If you agree with this philosohy then you should visit us and see everything we have to offer. If you do not then thank you for taking the time to read this article.