Women’s Self Defense Class

We’re so excited, the time has finally come!!   This Saturday, we’ll be hosting our FINAL Women’s Self Defense Class of the year honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This class is OPEN to all ladies, age 13 and up, and will cover basic self-defense against Grabs, Knives, Bats, and more! Our school is big on … Read more

Martial Arts and self-defense classes

Looking for a Martial Arts studio? What about if we could tell you that there are places where you can get what you didn’t think existed? Younger Kids. At the very least, our curriculum for younger kids covers activities designed to teach these students how to focus, behaving in groups and paying attention to class. … Read more

May 2016 Activities

Exciting Month with many activities for the whole family.  Remember it is not too late to start!!!

How to Choose a Martial Arts School


This is a question that I don’t get too often but that I try to answer every time I receive a call of a potential new student.  Of course most callers start the conversation with; how much do you charge?  This is understandable as most people don’t understand the difference between the martial arts so … Read more