Best of the best

Once again we have been recognized as “Best of 2016” in the category of Tae Kwon Do schools.  All we can say is that we couldn’t have made it without the support of our students and family members.  THANK YOU!

May 2016 Activities

Exciting Month with many activities for the whole family.  Remember it is not too late to start!!!

Children Abductions

Dangers to children

Abducted Children stats are alarming.  A video I watched this morning placed the number of children abducted as 700 per day.  I re-posted the video on our Facebook page but decided to do some additional research.  My findings were somewhat of an eye opener as the figures I found actually indicated that there are 40 … Read more

Violence in the workplace training

karate, taekwondo

Scientific American calls is an “Epidemic of Violence against Health Care Workers”. Based on a simple research we found the following stats: Nearly 2 million Americans report they’ve been victims of violence at work. In 2010, 1 in 9 workplace fatalities were homicides. Homicide is the most common cause of workplace fatalities in women. Workplace … Read more

We can help

Today on the news we saw a Mental Health Patient attacking nurses with a pipe. You can see the news and the video at Our response to this situation is simple: 1. Continue to promote our “Challenge” via Facebook where we post one self-defense video per day; 2. Offer a special, 20% discount, to … Read more

Koryo Do Challenge

Self Defense Offers

HAVE YOU CONSIDER A SELF DEFENSE CLASS AS YOUR NEXT FUND RAISING ACTIVITY? We are seen the increase of attack against women and have decided to do something about it. Not only are we willing to offer a self-defense seminar (your place or ours), but also we will donate a portion of the proceeds to … Read more

Grab defense

Back to school self defense