Women’s Self Defense Class

We’re so excited, the time has finally come!!   This Saturday, we’ll be hosting our FINAL Women’s Self Defense Class of the year honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This class is OPEN to all ladies, age 13 and up, and will cover basic self-defense against Grabs, Knives, Bats, and more! Our school is big on … Read more

Self Defense Classes

Koryo Do School of Tae Kwon offers Self-Defense classes for all ages. Self Defense classes are usually one hour long and curriculum is based on the age of the participants. The curriculum for these classes has been written by Take Kwon Do Grandmaster Jose Delgado and normally there are at least two to four instructors … Read more

Best of the best

Once again we have been recognized as “Best of 2016” in the category of Tae Kwon Do schools.  All we can say is that we couldn’t have made it without the support of our students and family members.  THANK YOU!