Knife Defense

Back to School

It is true, summer may not be over but back to school time is approaching rapidly.  For some, back to school means school supplies, uniforms and schedules.  Others are looking for activities where they can enroll their kids and few don’t’ even want to think about it. For me as a parent I simply thought … Read more

Why I teach martial arts

Children Martial Arts

This week I have been putting pressure on one of my students.  He is one of the youngest in my school and has been milking this fact to no end.  He has also been blessed with intelligence and the ability to manipulate others with a puppy face.  He seems to have a great time at … Read more

Children Abductions

Dangers to children

Abducted Children stats are alarming.  A video I watched this morning placed the number of children abducted as 700 per day.  I re-posted the video on our Facebook page but decided to do some additional research.  My findings were somewhat of an eye opener as the figures I found actually indicated that there are 40 … Read more

Excelence in the Martial Arts

taekwondo demonstration

A good friend of mine send me an article from a blog titled “The difference between commitment and technique”.  I read this short article and was impressed by its message.  I also was fascinated as in a very succinct manner Mr. Godin Presented an issue which it seems is more common that I thought. As … Read more

Gun Self Defense

We can help

Today on the news we saw a Mental Health Patient attacking nurses with a pipe. You can see the news and the video at Our response to this situation is simple: 1. Continue to promote our “Challenge” via Facebook where we post one self-defense video per day; 2. Offer a special, 20% discount, to … Read more

Mom and Dad Special

Last week we had such a great time with one of our mother’s when she tried a class that we decided to create a special offer for Mom and Dad’s everywhere. Join us During the month of October and only pay $5 per class during the month of November. This offer is only good for … Read more

Koryo Do Challenge

Black Belt Class

taekwondo fighting