Knife Defense

Knife Defense

Mother’s Day Gift

Show you care for Mother’s Day with a Gift Certificate for a Self-defense class.  This particular class will be offered by Hall of Fame Masters Dr. Jose Delgado and Mr. Jose Delgado.  We will also have another hall of fame instructor, Sensei Caitling Bassett. The class will be offered at our St. Augustine location, 1851 … Read more

Back to School Self-Defense

Dangers to children

Bullying, harassment, threats, intimidation and assault are thing that we face quite frequently.  We do not think about it but any time we are introduced into a new environment we increase the potential of become a victim to one of these threats.  It is actually normal if you consider that the threat itself comes from … Read more

Violence in the workplace training

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Scientific American calls is an “Epidemic of Violence against Health Care Workers”. Based on a simple research we found the following stats: Nearly 2 million Americans report they’ve been victims of violence at work. In 2010, 1 in 9 workplace fatalities were homicides. Homicide is the most common cause of workplace fatalities in women. Workplace … Read more