Commonly Broken Resolutions

It is the end of the year and many people look at the future in the hopes of changing their lives. As part of this process the make promises to themselves which are better known as New Year’s Resolutions. Regretfully for most these resolution do not out last the year if they get in place … Read more

A Mother’s Joy

I can tell all of you about our “family” and the differences in our program, but in this case I cannot be more eloquent that the words of this mother. November 10, 2012 Moriah Joy Raymond received her Black Belt today! It has taken 6 years of diligent hard work and everyone is really proud … Read more

Obesity Crisis

During my trips, and specially this week I have heard tales that concerns me. I actually have seen medical records that if it wasn’t me looking at them I wouldn’t believe them. I’m talking about kids who weight more than double the recommended weight for their age. I’m looking at 11 year old girl records … Read more

Self Defense & Nutrition

  We had great success with our adult and children self-defense classes. The nutrition class was also spectacular. There are no other free events planned for the month of March, but we will accept invitations and query for future events.  

Getting in Shape for Summer

  The cycle is always the same; “I will get in shape for the summer”. I hear that almost as frequently as people saying that they wanted to be a black belt. Yet life happens and by the time we realize another year has gone by without meeting our goals and life dreams. In my … Read more

The Greatest Gift

  It is amazing how we at times forget what is important. In my case I have been blessed with two kids that every time I look at them or think about them I cannot say how proud I’m of what they have become. Regretfully I didn’t allocate enough time to enjoy them as I … Read more

Bully Prevention

  If you or a loved one is having problems with bullies then you need to take time to come to our school. While many people consider that martial arts may not be the answer as your initial response you need to consider the safety of your loved ones and our curriculum. At the Koryo … Read more

Weapons Training

  Koryo Do, School of Tae Kwon Do, has and will continue to offer weapons seminars. For the last couple of months Mater Jose has been teaching a Bo Seminar to some students. Based on the success and progress of these students we will be expanding the weapons curriculum. Interested students in the weapons seminar … Read more