Breast Awareness – Self Defense Class

Kickcing for cancer

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness we will be offering a Self-Defense Class on October 24th, 2015 at 1:00 PM. The class is designed to cover some basic self-defense techniques that anyone regardless of physical condition should be able to execute. Price for the class is $25 and includes a pink school t-shirt.  Attendees not … Read more

Safe Halloween

Safe Halloween Halloween is coming.  I see the decorations, the ads and quite a few costumes for sale.  Other than that, I don’t see any different this year from other years.  Yet, although it pains me to admit it, we live in a dangerous world and every year it seems is ever more so. I … Read more

They Call Me Master

testing taekwondo students

They call me Master, yet as I look at my students I wonder. Some of my students are much faster than me; yet they still call me Master. Many, by far are already more flexible than me and dare I say stronger; yet they still call me Master.  Quite a few could easily beat me … Read more

Back to School Self-Defense

Dangers to children

Bullying, harassment, threats, intimidation and assault are thing that we face quite frequently.  We do not think about it but any time we are introduced into a new environment we increase the potential of become a victim to one of these threats.  It is actually normal if you consider that the threat itself comes from … Read more

College Campuses and Rape

Graduating student

As we prepare to attend a number of high school graduations and get our children out to college I had to pause based on a mother’s comments and her intention to keep her daughter at our school while she was going to college.  This simple comment made me happy but instilled a query on my … Read more

Lose Weight and get in shape

Have you ever considered martial arts as one of your resolutions of the year?  Lots of individuals have incorrect assumption about martial arts such as: I’m too old for that, that stuff is for kids alone and even the I’m afraid I’ll get hurt.  However in my book the true martial artist is not the … Read more

Gun Self Defense

We can help

Today on the news we saw a Mental Health Patient attacking nurses with a pipe. You can see the news and the video at Our response to this situation is simple: 1. Continue to promote our “Challenge” via Facebook where we post one self-defense video per day; 2. Offer a special, 20% discount, to … Read more